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Jan 14, 2010 5:00pm EST
united states are learning that their loved ones back in haiti did not survive tuesday's quake. every hour, every phone call brings a rush of emotion for gerard severin. since tuesday, this retired haitian american has spent hours trying to find out if his family in his home country is still alive. >> you get worried, you don't sleep, and you do not know what to do. nothing happens, waiting and waiting and waiting. >> time is past watching tv and desperately searching on the internet for information, and then the phone rings. back-to-back calls with the news he feared. first, a friend's neck is dead. then, he learns -- a friends and nephew is dead. >> it is unbelievable for me that that happen. >> the surgeon continues. this time he is trying to learn whether it -- the searching continues. he is trying to learn whether his brother-in-law survive the earthquake. hundreds of calls have been made, but none getting through. >> he feels the long hours looking at family photos, remembering the good times the, hoping there will be more. >> we just have to pray and just wait. >> those two sai
Jan 8, 2010 5:00pm EST
brought the parents to the united states said that any offspring would be sent back to china. >>> mbers of the virginia aquarium response team worked to help turtles who are now recovering at a virginia beach aquarium. experts say the turtles are endangered when their body temperatures become the same temperature as the ocean. >>> time to check the traffic situation. >> good evening. the i-270 spur northbound, democracy boulevard, volume delays. looking good right now. last check was slow, but looking good where the lainez merge. -- where the lanes merge. i-395 in virginia, slow around duke street, but when she gets past edsall road, surprisingly good ride from springfield to lorton -- once you get past ed sall road. tough going around st. barnabas road on the belt way across the lson bridge. >>> coming up, you may think you are being good by choosing diet foods, but you may be getting more calories than you think. 7 on your side investigates. >> our local working woman hopes to give back to the community that is helping her go to school. >>> a burtonsville man will start the
Jan 19, 2010 5:00pm EST
with others from the united states and around the world. >experts in finding a livg and using everything from heavy equipment to their own fingertips to bring them out, including his baby girl. >> we were able to pull out and put her right in her mother's hands. >> in all, the united states teams have made 72 rescue's with the hope that even after 160 plus hours, there are more miracles to be discovered. >> time to go to work. and move to see if we can find her. >> the mission continues to be making a live rescues. they say as long as they get information there are signs of life under a collapsed building, they will respond. >> truly amazing work they are doing there. doctors from the children's national medical center are doing what they can to help victims of the earthquake. in orthopedic surgery team is at a local hospital. that team has already performed numerous surgeries, it has more than 300 patients waiting to be seen. >>> a flight carrying 53 haitian orphans evacuated has arrived in pittsburgh. they read the children's hospital of pittsburgh for medical care and will
Jan 20, 2010 5:00pm EST
reform. >> the united states senator from massachusetts -- >> scott brown shot the political world by taking 10 kennedy's bluesy and painting it read. the gop victory last night could mean health care reform is on its last legs. >> people are tired of business as usual. >> pollsters say the president's health care plan -- >> i think it will kill it. >> i am happy about it. i think we have to spend -- stop the spending. >> democrats are reeling. >> congress technically still has options. they could quickly adopt the said the's version. conference committees company rush in agreement while mocrats have a super majority. or they could try to recruit a republican. >> this is not health care reform. this is a for-profit insurance a windfall. >> at this rally outside the white house today, a call to slow things down. >> it is the -- it is time to start from scratch. what is being proposed will not work. >> for now, it looks like they will get that wish. >> to be the 41st senator in bring it back to the drawing board, there are some very good things. >> this afternoon, president obama urged
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4